Mr Bear NZ announcement

This month’s Southern HiBearnation in Melbourne has been sadly, and inevitably, cancelled, for reasons you can probably guess.

As a result, this year’s Mr Bear NZ winner Corie Boley will now represent New Zealand in the 2021 Mr Australasia Bear contest. There won’t be a Mr Bear NZ contest next year.

We are still planning to hold our Bear New Zealand Week in late January.

Statement from VicBears on HiBearnation:…/statement-southern-hibearnation-…/

Virtual Furry Friday!

Hey all you cute bears, cubs and other furry friends out there.

Ending HIV and BearNZ have teamed up to host a weekly Furry Friday virtual social and you’re all invited!

We will host a zoom meeting (exploring the idea of different ‘rooms’ ie garden, kitchen, lounge…) for you to join and be virtually social with everyone. Link to the meeting will come through shortly.

A bit of house keeping to cover first. We encourage you all to participate, but with so many people it will be difficult for everyone to be heard. We ask that you turn your video on and mute your mics. The host will kick things off by stating a highlight from their week, and then pass to someone else. If you just want to attend virtually please do, but don’t feel that you need to share. On that note we ask that everyone be respectful of one another. No harassment, slander or nudity will be tolerated.

Looking forward to seeing you all for our first of many hang outs!

Take care of yourself and each other

We don’t need to tell you that things are just a little bit shite in the world right now.

Daily updates, wall-to-wall media coverage, rising fatalities – it can seem very overwhelming. But it’s important to just stand back a bit, take time away from scrolling on the phone, and silence those endless news alerts. Watch a crap movie, walk the dog, learn crocheting – just break the endless cycle every day.

For all our Bear New Zealand members who are currently isolating themselves at home, shout out if you need anything delivered to home to the front door. We are a community and therefore we should all support each other as best we can.

We have these wonderful things called email and messenger, so let’s use it to keep in touch and keep everyone’s spirits up, no one needs to feel alone at this challenging time.

Stay safe and be well everyone. or on Facebook