Bears in Bed calendar NOW AVAILABLE

The Bear New Zealand 15 month calendar – ‘Bears in Bed’ is now available for download!

“The beauty of genuine brotherhood and peace is more precious than diamonds or silver or gold.”
Martin Luther King

Bear New Zealand celebrates its 11th Bear New Zealand Week this coming 2020. And as always, we look to our community for inspiration in friendship and camaraderie.

To commemorate the upcoming Bear New Zealand Week, we took the opportunity to highlight our wonderful, and colourful, members of our local bear brotherhood.

Featuring faces of different ages, shapes, sizes and creed, we are reminded that although we are diverse and multi-cultural, we band together as friends, lovers and family.

‘Bears in Bed’ is a relaxed, fun and playful look into what we get up to in the bedroom – aside from the obvious of course! From scenes of playfulness, cuddliness and sleepiness, the calendar offers a sneak peek into the bedroom of a kiwi bear.

The download is available to download here . The downloadable product is free, however, if you would like to, please feel free to name your price to support Bear New Zealand Week 2020


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